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The world's largest computer game
(made by children!)

CodeMe Creator lets children as young as 6 design and build their own 2D platform games. 

With your help, we are aiming to build the largest ever, crowdsourced computer game made by children. By building a level you are also helping us fundraise to build a school in Bangladesh.

Winners Announced

Watch this video to find out if you are one of the 3 lucky winners!

See below to find out what to do if you are a winner.....

CAFFE Students playing

How to claim your prize

If you are one of the winners ask your parents to send an email to to with your NAME and LEVEL NUMBER.
I will then reply to them to arrange delivery of your T-Shirt!

Multiplayer Released

Play against friends in your favourite levels collect all the keys and be the first to get to the door!


Meet the team

CodeMe Creator is the result of groups of students from the UK and Bangladesh collaborating together.


Hear about the latest news and developments from
CodeMe Creator.
We will send updates once a month and will never share your contact details with anyone else.

Our Game Needs You

Easy, fun and educational

CodeMe Creator lets children create their own 2D platform games simply by selecting items from the menu and adding them to the game area. Children are also introduced to the concept of variables in games; by changing properties such as speed, strength and damage they can affect how easy or difficult each section of their game will be.


Designed with all children in mind

CodeMe Creator aims to be accessible to as many players as possible. Many elements of the game have been designed and tested by students with a variety of special needs. Our experience of co-designing the game with this team of students is contributing towards research being carried out as part of the EDUCATE training programme. Read our success story on the EDUCATE website.

Supporting Education in Bangladesh

CodeMe Creator is also helping underprivileged young people in Bangladesh with training and employment opportunities. Much of the artwork for the game is being drawn by students from Computers Are Free For Everyone, a charity that provides free of cost training in coding, web development and graphic design. The younger students are also involved in testing the game during developement, as well as creating levels.

So how does it work?

CodeMe Screenshot 1

Build & Publish

Build your level, make it fun but not too long! When you are happy with it, publish it to add it to the game.

CodeMe Screenshot 2

The more the merrier

The more levels you build, the closer we come to buidling the worlds largest crowdsourced game.

CodeMe Screenshot 3

Play any level

You can play the levels in any order. This makes it easy to share your level with friends.

Record Breaking Attempt


Going for a world record

Later on this year we will attempt to break the world record for the longest video game marathon by playing CodeMe Creator. The current record stands at 138 hours 34 seconds. That's why we need as many user created levels as possible to make this challenge more interesting!

If you would like to donate to support this marathon game challenge you are more than welcome. All funds raised will go towards building a permanent school for the CAFFE students.

Benefits for Schools

CodeMe creator fulfils a number of aims of the
Key Stage 1 & 2 computing curriculum
for England and Wales. 


Computing Skills

Building a level encourages logic reasoning; working with variables; correcting errors as well as developing creativity and problem-solving techniques.


Developing Empathy

To build a level, children need to show empathy and understanding for another player’s point of view. If they make a level too difficult or too easy, the player will lose interest.


Global Citizenship

Children will be part of a gloabl project. They will create levels that could be played by anyone in the world. At the same time, they will also be helping to build a school for children in Bangladesh.

School visits

Luke Doyle, the lead developer of CodeMe Creator and co-founder of CAFFE is more than willing to visit your school to speak to children about the project as well as guide classes through creating their first levels. There is no charge for the visit although a contribution towards travel expenses would be welcome.

If you would like to know more, get in touch using the form below