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Meet the team


UK Team

The UK side of CodeMe Creator is led by Luke Doyle.  Luke is a qualified teacher and independent developer. He has been working alongside a team of students from Weatherfield Academy in Dunstable. The students have been instrumental in creating aspects of the gameplay, user experience as well as designing characters and assets. 


Bangladesh Team

The Bangladesh team is led by Kobir Uddin. Kobir is co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of CAFFE. Teams of CAFFE students have been busy building levels, bug testing and contributing their own ideas for game assets.



All of the artwork for CodeMe Creator is being designed by Kobir, Proshanto and Sumon. They receive sketches from the students at Weatherfield and turn them into digital assets for use in the game. The final images should incorporate as much of the original design as possible although changes are sometimes needed to keep the game playable.